Saudi Arabia sets up water conservation centre 2021-2-13 - WORLD GULF

The centre will urge recycling 'grey water' such as wastewater resulting from sources including sinks, dishwashers, swimming pools, showers and washers. The centre comprises representatives from the ministries of environment and water, commerce, municipal affairs, housing, finance, education, Islamic affairs and industry as well as other government agencies, Saudi newspaper Okaz has reported. According to the nascent centre, water conservation means optimal use of water in urban, industrial and agricultural purposes. It defines urban purposes of water usage in houses, stores, construction works, public utilities and gardens. The centre, which is administratively linked to the minister of water, environment and agriculture, is tasked with drawing up a national policy for water rationalisation, proposing system projects, setting specifications for equipment in terms of water usage and monitoring different agencies’ abidance by water conservation and efficiency commitments. Water efficiency The centre will urge recycling 'grey water' - the wastewater resulting from such sources as sinks, dishwashers, swimming pools, showers and washers. Its mission statement, according to the report, also includes obtaining information and documents related to water efficiency and conservation as well as compiling a national directory on water rationalisation. The centre will cooperate with educational institutions on devising syllabuses and activities to boost water efficiency and conservation in public, high and vocational education